Worship Guide | May 11 - 16, 2015

Our household worship this week is focused on the significance and centrality of Scripture in our lives. We will look through the Bible at different passages that give us a window into the nature and importance of Scripture.


Monday, May 11thEaster-Leaves-Banner Scripture: Psalm 1 Song: Rejoice, The Lord is King vs. 1-2 pg. 2 Prayer: Pray that God would give you a heart to treasure Scripture and meditate on it day and night that you would bear much fruit.

Tuesday, May 12th Scripture: Psalm 119:1-24 Song: Rejoice, The Lord is King vs. 3-4 pg. 2 Prayer: Pray that God would make his commands your delight.

Wednesday, May 13th Scripture: John 5 (especially vs. 30-47) Song: Psalm 136 vs. 1-2 pg. 4 Prayer: Pray that you would be able to see all of Scripture as the story that points us again and again to Jesus.

Thursday, May 14th Scripture: Luke 24:13-35 Song: Psalm 136 vs. 3 pg. 4 Prayer: Ask that your eyes would be open to see Jesus in Scripture and that your heart would burn like the early disciples with the truth of Christ in Scripture.

Friday, May 15th Scripture: II Timothy 3:10-17 Song: Be Still My Soul vs. 1-2 pg. 5 Prayer: Ask your Heavenly Father that He might grant that you would submit to the authority of Scripture as God’s inspired Word, and that it would have great power in your life for reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.

Saturday, May 16th Scripture: I Peter 1:3-12 Song: Be Still My Soul vs. 3 pg. 5 Prayer: Rejoice that the message of the gospel that angels sought to look into, you now have clearly seen. Rejoice in the amazing salvation you have received through Jesus Christ.