Volunteer Need: Redeemer Kids Summer Program

We are excited to announce our Redeemer Kids summer program!CTT47 This summer, our elementary kids will focus on learning about God's promises to us... His covenant to send a savior and how God worked his plan through the lives of ordinary people. Ordinary people called by God, challenged through faith, and changed by grace. "Ordinary People, Extraordinary God" will last for 8 weeks through June and July.

The preschool school program, "The Fruit of the Spirit - Rooted in Jesus" will teach our children to understand the fruit of the Spirit flows out of our lives as God changes our hearts and we live for him.

In each program, there will be a leader to lead a story and a group of assistants to help children with crafts, activities, etc. All of the materials you need (lesson guides, storybooks, games, crafts, CDs, etc) are provided for you. We will send you an email the week prior to serving with an overview of the lesson. Your preparation is to read the scripture text for the Bible story, pray, and show up for the children. Help us show them Jesus!

Please consider signing up to help us with these summer programs.

You can sign up to help with the elementary age kids here or with the preschool age kids here.

Our hope and prayer is to have all of the spaces filled by May 31. Sign up now and if your schedule changes, we will help you swap with someone on the rotation.


For more information, contact Donna Harris at Donna@Redeemindy.org.