Volunteer Need: Food Team

coffeeBack in April we posted about Redeemer's philosophy on being a Co-op church. We really believe in keeping our staff budget low and running our services on the help of volunteers. We have been having a difficult time finding the volunteers we need in order to serve coffee and donuts after 2nd Service. We want to be able to offer this sort of hospitality and a “3rd place” for people to gather and get to know one another but we have been unable to find consistent volunteers to help make coffee, set up and tear down this ministry. Please consider helping in this ministry and if you know you cannot serve personally, please help us get the word out by inviting someone you know that might be a good fit. Thanks for being part of our community!This particular need on the food team is a once a month (more if you're really dedicated, but once a month is all that is required when you sign up) commitment, 11am-1pm.

If you are interested in serving in this area, please contact Emily Johnson at Emily@Redeemindy.org.