Praying for Young Life in June

On the Steps - CampaignersDuring the month of June, Redeemer is committing to pray for Tech and Herron Young Life as they prepare to go to Young Life camp. There are still funds to be raised and prayers to be answered. Below is a letter that Jason wrote and posted to the City for those of you who haven't seen it yet. If you're not on the City, you can start the sign-up process here. 

Redeemer is committed to reaching the next generation with the good news of Jesus Christ.

One of the ways we do this is by building strong bridges – partnerships – with the Young Life ministries at Arsenal Tech high school and Herron high school.

In the month of June we will be focusing our time of prayer during communion on praying for the Young Life camps and the young people attending those camps. Referred to as the “best week of your life” these YL camps do an excellent job of sharing the grace of Jesus with young people.

Also, if God so leads you, please considering sponsoring one – or more! – kids to go to camp. Herron YL still needs 16K. And Tech needs 17K. 

Here is how you are invited to pray for Herron:

For our Timber Wolf Lake camp trip:

  • Pray for kids to see and experience Jesus in a new way
  • Pray for kids to recognize their need for Christ
  • Pray for kids to welcome their friends/peers into something bigger….God’s story
  • Pray for openness and vulnerability in conversations and for our leaders to be bold and spirit led all week long.

For our Wilderness camp trip:

  • Pray for our leaders to be confident and spirit led in conversations
  • Pray that God will give all kids and leaders strength and joy during a physically and emotionally hard experience.
  • Pray for safety in travel to Colorado and on the mountain.

Here is how you are invited to pray for Tech:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28

“Go out quickly into the streets and alleys and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.” Luke 14 !


  • For financial provision to cover costs for every kid who wants to go, as well as bus costs.
  • For service (hire-a-kid) opportunities, so students can be invested in their trip and work their way to camp.
  • For Sara and Jed to lead the leaders well ! For all leaders – to be well rested, & mentally/spiritually prepared
  • That our team would fully rely on God to get through the week and make time with Him a priority daily
  • That the Gospel would come alive and be real to the leadership team all over again.
  • For endurance and energy
  • For an attitude of humility, teach-ability, and love.
  • For leaders to dive deep in conversations with kids. No holding back. And for kids to be open, honest, and receptive to the leaders.
  • For wisdom regarding racial, LGBT, and other issues that are bound to come up.
  • For drama from home to stay at home. Pray that this week is a real, true break for kids.
  • For a smooth bus ride to and from camp ! Safety during all activities during the week
  • For the Camp Director: Kirk Foote, Camp Speaker: Bill Paige, Program Team: Marlin Bruns, Kelsey Jenney, and Cassandra Marrisett-Banks, and Musician: Ryan Ahlwardt
  • For a drama free week (especially with the girls)…no fights
  • For the Gospel to break through the walls of kids hearts
  • For kids to see their NEED for a Savior
  • That God would capture their hearts to Himself and that kids would be added to the Kingdom
  • That above all, God would be glorified through all the crazy skits, music, games, club talks, and cabin times.

Thanks for joining me in praying, and giving, to these important next generation impacting ministries.

 Grace,  jason