Worship Guide| July 13 - 18, 2015

Our household worship this week focuses on growing in trust in our Heavenly Father’s Love for us, His sovereignty in our lives, and His personal care for us. We will also see time and time again God’s command in our life to not fear. Take time to meditate on and pray through these passages.

Monday, July 13thWhite Paper Weddings Scripture: Joshua 1:1-9 Song: Praise the Savior vs. 1-2 pg. 4 Prayer: Ask your to help you be strong and courageous, holding tightly to His Word, and knowing that He is with you wherever you go.

Tuesday, July 14th Scripture: Isaiah 41:8-10 Song: Praise the Savior vs. 3-4 pg. 4 Prayer: Pray that you would have the deep confidence of knowing that God has chose you to be his son/daughter. Ask that your heart would trust His Word that He will never cast you off, but always uphold you with His right hand.

Wednesday, July 15th Scripture: Luke 12:32-34 Song: Psalm 136 vs. 1-2 pg. 6 Prayer: Pray that you would know that it is your Heavenly Father’s pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Ask Him to give your heart secure hope so that you would store up treasures on Heaven.

Thursday, July 16th Scripture: Romans 8:18-39 Song: Psalm 136 vs. 3-4 pg. 6 Prayer: Ask God to give you hope in the future glory that is yours, and faith to know that God our Father causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him, and joy that nothing can separate us from His love.

Friday, July 17th Scripture: II Peter 3:1-18 Song: It is Well vs. 1-2 pg. 17 Prayer: Ask that you would live in faith in God, especially in His renewing of the Heaven and earthy. Pray that you would wait for that day in all holiness and godliness.

Saturday, July 18th Scripture: Revelation 19:6-21 Song: It is Well vs. 3-4 pg. 17 Prayer: Rejoice that God will one day bring about the marriage supper between Jesus and his followers, the church. Praise Jesus that He will bring about righteous judgment to the world.