Poem and Prayer for the Hinkles

by Cindy Ragsdale, 6/2015 (“Scoop Up, Scatter, Sing Praise” -- a list-ish poem on the occasion of the Hinkle family following God’s call to Australia . . .that is, to just the far side of God’s palm . . . that is, hardly any distance at all)

Scoop Up, Scatter, Sing Praise

Scoop up into embrace all the things of worth.

Scoop up the spontaneous dance, that one wink, so-and-so’s smile, tiny-group tears,

fists pounding tabletops, hands folded, hands raised, prayers, petitions, praise.

Scoop up and hold tight, contain don’t crush, hallway collaborations, and confessions, studio triumphs, front lawn inspirations,

back porch debaucheries, many-sized Mary Janes (plus size 13 Vans) strewn under pews, pulpit pleadings & benedictions.

Scoop up into 14 arms quirky provisions of thousands of days, surprising shelters, many roofs, tables, stairways, beds, toy-rooms, bookshelves, frames —especially the frames— all the lingering, grace-laced air hanging about all the fading things.

Scoop up everything of note; then transport. Go see to this place,

the upside-down kingdom on the underside of here. Go see to it that you embody, full-on, every oxymoron you find . . . I assign you “bittersweet” and “intentional reckless abandon” to begin. (In chaotic language and luggage and heart-knots and tangled truth,

see God’s order everywhere, Purest Paradox.)

Scoop up and sail. Throw open your arms and scatter it wide. Spare nothing. Scatter the whole lot of it there in new form

—still Love’s Form— across a new place, in new hinting hues they cannot resist.

See it come back to you ten-fold, foreign and familiar both, before you can so much as close your arms.

Sing praise.

2015 Family Photosas the Hinkles leave for Australia today, they know and we know that they will be missed and tears will be shed, both sad tears now and happy tears when we see them again. We pray for their safety, protection, provision, and growth of their ministry.