Worship Guide | July 27 - Aug 1, 2015

SummerOur household worship this week focuses on seeing, submitting to, resting in and building our lives upon Jesus as the Rock. Please take time to meditate on and pray through these passages.

Monday, July 27th Scripture: Matthew 7:13-29 Song: Come Thou Fount vs. 1-2 pg. 3 Prayer: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see Jesus as the one with all authority over you and all aspects of your life. Ask the Holy Spirit where you resist Jesus and find yourself not wanting to follow him with a whole heart. Ask the Holy Spirit for repentance.

Tuesday, July 28th Scripture: Deuteronomy 32 Song: Come Thou Fount vs. 3-4 pg. 3 Prayer: Consider the uses of “rock” in this Song of Moses (vv. 4, 13, 15, 18, 20, 31, 37) and give praise to God that he is the immovable Rock, his works are perfect, he is your savior, he always is faithful and that there is no other god like your God.

Wednesday, July 29th Scripture: Acts 4:5-12; Luke 6:46-49 Song: The Wonderful Grace of Jesus vs. 1-2 pg. 7 Prayer: We stumble over Jesus when we refuse his kingship in our lives. It is easy for us to call Jesus “Lord” but then not do what he says. Ask the Holy Spirit for a fresh turning back to Jesus and a willing heart to obey him.

Thursday, July 30th Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-22 Song: The Wonderful Grace of Jesus vs. 3 pg. 7 Prayer: Praise Jesus that he is the one foundation of the church and that through him, all Christians, no matter their color, language, place in life, significance, etc., are one in him. Ask God to continue to build Redeemer on the foundation of Jesus and his gospel.

Friday, July 31st Scripture: Isaiah 44 (especially vv. 6-8) Song: ’Tis So Sweet vs. 1-2 pg. 14 Prayer: There is no God but God; there is none other! Praise God for his being the only god. Examine yourself spiritually, where are you putting things above God? Where are you making good things into ultimate things? Praise God for his faithfulness to you. Ask him to remove idols of your heart far away.

Saturday, August 1st Scripture: Psalm 18 Song: ’Tis So Sweet vs. 3-4 pg. 14 Prayer: As you prepare for the Lord’s Day tomorrow, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see how Jesus is your rock, your fortress, your deliverer; the one in whom you may take refuge again and again.