Sing HO!: A Song by Tom Peck

Tom Peck performed a set of songs for us at the Dorsey going away party, including an original song he wrote for Jason. The lyrics are both touching and laugh-out-loud funny so we couldn't wait to share them with you!


Sing HO! for dear Jason—the man of the minute, He loves Redeemer and all who are in it. He preaches on Sundays and plays ball in the gym, If you hear some trash talking—it’s probably him.

He’ll share from the scripture or say a quick prayer, He’s here if you ever need someone to care; He’ll help if you’ve had any sort of disaster— Or if you just need to talk to a pastor.

And he loves to share deeply; it’s never a bother, Because of his role as an Urban Father.


Sing HO! for dear Jason—the man of the hour, He’s ministered here in Holy Ghost power. His sermons all point to the bright Morning Star, And once in a while he will smoke a cigar.

He prays for us diligently and with emotion We truly appreciate all his devotion. He preaches to people of every race, Because where he preaches is such a thin place.

He sings with great gusto on every song, But perhaps it is best if his mic isn’t on.


Sing HO! for ol' Jason—he’s the man for today We won’t be the same when he goes away. He’s moving to Redmond, and oh how we grieve, To a place you belong to before you believe.

His new congregation is decidedly smaller He’ll have to learn how to stretch every dollar. He’ll learn how to work on a budget quite lean, And use someone else’s copy machine.

And you can go with him! That is to say, As long as your first name begins with a J.

  Sing HO! for our Jason—let’s give him three cheers, He’s been at Redeemer for so many years. To the land of good coffee he’s moving his clan, I guess he’ll become a Microsoft fan.

He’ll cheer for the Seahawks in football season The Mariners too, for much the same reason Camano Island is where he’ll vacation, And paint pretty pictures of this nice location.

And you can go visit him there in a snap, As long as you use your Identity Map.