Pastoral Transition Update 9/10

Dear Redeemer Family,
We’re eager to keep you updated on the work to pursue a new Senior Pastor at Redeemer.
First, though, an update on the Dorseys: after crisscrossing the US to drop kids off at college, they have arrived safely in WA and are settling in well. I talked with Jason yesterday. Great connection. His first Sunday preaching at Redeemer Redmond is September 20th. It’s, of course, a huge transition period for Jason and Jenny and Judah and Jackie… but they are well. Thanks be to God.
We’re being very intentional about moving forward and listening to the Holy Spirit regarding next steps for our particular congregation in Indy.
Terry Gyger will be coming alongside Redeemer Indy for the next few months in the role as Mentor Pastor. He’ll help us with vision and filling the Jason-sized hole we have. He is a seasoned pastor with a huge range of experience in gospel ministry. He has a strong urban ministry background; he helped set up the church plant methodology at Redeemer NYC.
We’re not Redeemer NYC, and we’re not aspiring to that model; but there are certainly lessons we can learn. He’ll be meeting with the elders twice a month, mentoring us through this time of transition. He'll also preach pretty regularly. Terry has the the conviction that preaching to a congregation is the best way to understand the culture and to fully connect with the unique way Jesus is present among us. We've heard this well and fully support it.
We do not have a date set to call a search committee.  We expect to have a better idea of the search process within the next few months, and will let you know as soon as we have a timeline.
We’ll communicate frequently and welcome your questions.
Many of you have asked how you can help.... Prayers. That’s the real work. Specifically, prayers for the MacGregors, the Nottinghams, the Partains and the Reeds.
Christ loved us first,
Craig Burton
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