October Workday: Herron Young Life

On October 24th and 31st Redeemer members will host a number of opportunities for our church to be a part of tangible acts of social healing around the city. We will be highlighting these opportunities during the first two weeks of October. Our Deacon Team facilitates acts of mercy and social healing throughout the year and does so with the help of the Mercy Fund - an account set aside for this purpose. On October 25th, the Deacon Team will be taking up a special offering for the Mercy Fund. Please prayerfully consider contributing to the fund. 

YL ImageOn Saturday, October 24th from 9am to noon, Daniel Pullman will lead a group of 6-8 volunteers (3-4 need to be adults) in a painting and organizing project at the Herron Young Life Offices.

Young Life is a ministry mentoring program that seeks to share Christ with high school kids through the relationships and 'life on life' shared between kids and volunteer leaders. Herron Young Life desires to build a community around Herron High School that is inviting and inclusive. Their goal is to have a presence in the school community and provide opportunities for kids to connect with each other, with leaders, and with Christ.

This group will meet in the back parking lot of Redeemer and go together to the Herron YL Offices (located in the Joy of All who Sorrow). Please bring any painting supplies you have and are willing to share. This group would also benefit from someone bringing a vacuum cleaner. Email Daniel Pulliam at dpulliam@gmail.com to RSVP.