The Deacon Team and Social Healing

The Deacon Ministry is your ministry. Each of us is called to serve alongside the Deacons, who will be taking their annual Mercy Fund Offering this year on Sunday, October 25thThe Deacons are charged with the care of those in our church family who may need a helping hand—widows, single parents, foster kids, adoptive families, those in bereavement, those experiencing financial hardship, to name a few.

The Deacons are also charged to bring gospel healing to the broken systems and people of Indianapolis—by welcoming a variety of visitors into our congregation every Sunday, by coordinating mission-outreach projects, by partnering with other like-minded organizations, by offering financial and counseling ministries, among others.

The Deacon Ministry is funded in two ways—

(1) The session directs a portion of your tithes and offerings to the Deacons each year (see the chart below for a more detailed view).

(2) Through designated giving (you can write “Mercy Fund” on your check or give online here)

If you have questions about anything related to the deacon team’s budget or their Mercy Fund, please email

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