October Workdays: The Mothers Club

On October 24th and 31st Redeemer members will host a number of opportunities for our church to be a part of tangible acts of social healing around the city. We will be highlighting these opportunities during the first two weeks of October. Our Deacon Team facilitates acts of mercy and social healing throughout the year and does so with the help of the Mercy Fund - an account set aside for this purpose. On October 25th, the Deacon Team will be taking up a special offering for the Mercy Fund. Please prayerfully consider contributing to the fund. 

mothersclubOn Saturday, October 31, Kathy Matthews will lead a group from Redeemer to Mother's Club that will be cleaning the building and building a bookcase and a puppet stage.

The Mother's Club seeks to lovingly demonstrate biblical Christian faith and to meet basic needs and restore hope through the Gospel of Christ, by serving women of all background for God's glory.

This project requires 6 volunteers and will meet at Mother's Club (located at 3102 E. 10th Street).RSVP to Kathy Matthews (kathy.matthews12@aol.com) if you plan to join this group.

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