Special Offering Raises 50+K for Mercy Fund

Pentecost PictureOn Sunday, October 25th the Deacon Team took up an offering for their Mercy Fund, a fund that is used to provide for various needs around our congregation and the city. It helps to pay for bus passes, groceries, medical needs, adoption grants, and quite a bit more. For the first time in the fund's history, the Deacon Team projected an end-of-the-year balance of $0. As Mark Nottingham shared with us the past two Sundays, having a balance of $0 was in fact good news, meaning that God had been using our church to carry out good acts of mercy. It also meant that we needed to replenish the fund in order to continue doing this good work.On October 25th, the Deacon team asked the congregation for a total donation of $20,000. If we met this number, it would have been by far the greatest amount ever donated to this fund and would have be seen as a huge blessing. Since the beginning of October we have had $58,764.52 donated.

We are in awe of what God has done through our congregation. We are thankful to you for prayerfully considering giving and for making the financial sacrifices that many of you made. To God be the glory!

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