Redeemer Prayer List

As a church body we want to be in tune with the needs of our brothers and sisters and in prayer for one another. Please take some time this week to read through this list of needs and pray for your church family.


  • Pray for the work of the deacon team and the many needs that come to their care.  
  • Continue to pray for the work of the elders and deacons to maintain continuity, wisdom and unity of purpose.
  • Pray for the children in the nursery, children’s worship, New Star and Young Life.
  • Praise that budget monies will be met for the year.
  • Pray for increase of volunteers to all areas of the church--nursery, cleaning, prayer, kitchen, welcome team, etc.
  • Pray for the work and artists of the Harrison Center.
  • Pray for our missionaries.
  • Pray for spiritual hunger of the congregation that we might know God and what is our response to His great love.
  • Pray for the widows and singles that they might have fellowship and nurturing relationships.
  • Pray for yourself that your heart would be stirred and the Spirit move you to do the work of the Lord in your home, church, work, and neighborhood with all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
  • Pray for our community groups that it will be a place of fellowship, fun, spiritual growth, and place to belong.
  • Pray for Stephen King’s son to have a soft heart towards God’s love and provision.