CT&T Starting this Sunday!

White Paper WeddingsCT&T (Christian Teaching and Training) Sunday classes meet weekly between Sunday services, from 10:00-10:50 a.m. Classes begin this Sunday, January 10th. We encourage you to consider the following Adult CT&T offerings and find the class that best fits what God is teaching you right now, so that you can commit to receiving consistent and thoughtful training in that area. We also offer youth & children's CT&T classes, organized by age group. Adult, Youth, and Children's classes are all listed below.


-Adult Gospel Mission - Starting in February. Stay tuned for teacher & location. Of course we want to positively influence Indianapolis, but what can we actually do to help? This class studies Christ’s example and call to mercy and considers practical ways to answer that call.

Gospel Leadership - Evening class, day TBD. Contact Jamie MacGregor [jamie@redeemindy.org] to express interest. This class is an opportunity to dive into the biblical doctrines, theological standards, and leadership structures of Redeemer. It is recommended for anyone in any level of leadership, but is required of those considering becoming officers at Redeemer.

Gospel of Matthew – led by Dan & April Barber, The Underground (room 040) Come and explore the life and heart of Jesus, the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel, through an engaging study of this gospel.

Revelation (Starting late January after Minor Prophets Ends) – led by Jamie MacGregor, Gallery 2 (room 140) We will focus on the three main themes of Revelation: the worship of Jesus, God’s victory over evil and the call to overcome.

Creative Class – led by Kyle Ragsdale, Artist’s Studio (room 280) This class is a place for creative souls to gather together for prayer, encouragement, and exploration of how the gospel impacts an artist’s life.

College Class – led by Drew & Amy Lurker and Mark & Laura Abdon (room 141) Join with other college-aged students in a class designed to support you during a time of life that is both freeing and demanding.

-Youth High School meets in the youth room Middle School meets in the library

-Elementary Elementary students will continue their journey through the New Testament, starting in Acts and finishing in Revelation. Lessons coordinate with the family devotional Old Story New and The Gospel Story Bible, both by Marty Machowski.

K-1st grade will meet in room 205 2nd-3rd will meet in room 203 4th-5th will meet in room 207.

-Preschool This spring, preschoolers will be working through the life of Jesus and his teachings, using a curriculum called Show Me Jesus.

3-year-olds meet in room 160A (Children’s Worship room) 4/5-year-olds will meet in room 160B (adjacent to the Children’s Worship room).