New Classes, Spring 2016

White Paper WeddingsIf you are not yet in a CT&T class (or looking for an excuse to drop your current one), take a look at these great new class offerings! Gospel Mission, Gospel Healing, and Gospel Leadership, have all only just started. It's a great time to join any of them. Take a look at the descriptions below and find a welcome team member on Sunday if you need help locating the classroom.Gospel Mission -- led by Mark Nottingham, Art Mix Studio (Room 146) Of course we want to positively influence Indianapolis, but what can we actually do to help? This class studies Christ’s example and call to mercy and considers practical ways to answer that call.

Gospel Healing -- led by Barb Knuckles, Art Mix Studio (Room 147) Our God who heals us, frees us! This class is a place for those who want to deal with wounds in their lives, or to be equipped to come alongside those who are wounded. Our emphasis is on how to meet God, for healing, through prayer.
Gospel Leadership -- led by Todd Dawkins, Hank & Dolly's Gallery (Room 060) This class is an opportunity to dive into the biblical doctrines, theological standards, and leadership structures of Redeemer. It is recommended for anyone in any level of leadership, but is required of those considering becoming officers at Redeemer.

Or, considering joining this existing class:
Gospel of Matthew -- led by Dan & April Barber, The Underground (Room 040) Come explore the life and heart of Jesus through this dynamic study of Matthew’s account of Jesus’ life and ministry. Time will also be spent together in reflection through application-driven conversations as a class.
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