Redeemer's Lenten Season

ash2The Lenten Season begins with Ash Wednesday (February 10 of this year) and will culminate when we celebrate Easter Sunday on March 27.

Many Christians approach Lent as a 40 day period of the year where they sacrifice in order to focus on God. Through a series of sermons that began on Ash Wednesday and will continue through the season, Redeemer will be focusing on the idea of enjoying God. Lent places a focus on the Christian discipline of repentance which can feel heavy at times. Instead, repentance should be the act of turning away from sin and turning toward God. Enjoying God actually is repentance (being fully turned toward Him) and the antidote to our sin (when our hearts are satisfied in him we don't want anything else). Turning towards God is not about denying our desires but is instead about coming to the true fount of our desires and drinking deeply.

Sermons will focus on John 14-17, where Jesus has his last intimate conversation with his disciples in the upper room for the passover. Services during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) will focus on John 17, the High Priestly Prayer.

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