Congregational Meeting Details

Redeemer-LogoBlackIn advance of the congregational meeting this Sunday, February 28th at 10:00 a.m., we wanted to provide more detail about what will be discussed.

Financial Overview The first portion of the meeting will be a financial update. This will be a broad overview of how we finished 2015 and what the budget looks like for 2016. The update on Sunday will be “big picture,” but we are happy to answer any additional questions you have about the finances. You can contact either Ben Reed or Amy Wilson with questions.

Vision Update Over the past few months, we have worked extensively with Terry Gyger to hone in on our core vision and values. As a result of that work, we believe there are three distinctives that best describe WHO we (Redeemer Indianapolis) are:

  • Broken: We recognize that we are broken and that only the Gospel can bring wholeness.
  • Beauty: We believe that God is a God of beauty. We work to bring about cultural renewal and beauty in the world.
  • Community: We believe that authentic community that is based on the Gospel is the best way to bring about justice, healing and renewal in the world.

This forms the core of how we see ourselves and will be the basis for what the search committee communicates to pastoral candidates.

Search Committee The main portion of the meeting will be about the search committee. We thought it would be helpful to briefly outline the process we used to establish the slate, some rationale about why that process was used, and the role of the search committee.

The Session has been elected to lead and shepherd the church. As we entered into this transition, one of their roles was to look at the membership to determine who might be able to help look for a new pastor. To assist in the process, they asked for help from a number of staff members and lay leaders who know the congregation well.

This group sought to put together a committee that would be able to represent the congregation and do the hard work of looking for a pastor. While demographics were taken into consideration, they were not a primary concern. The major items that were considered when reviewing potential committee members were:

  • Do they get the vision? Do they understand how Redeemer embodies the ideas of Broken, Beauty, Community?
  • Are they prayerful? This is a huge undertaking, and we need committee members who are committed to praying for this process.
  • Can they commit the necessary time? This is a huge time commitment. It could take over a year. Some individuals are not able to make that type of commitment.
  • They are known? We have a large church, and it is impossible for everyone in the membership to know everyone on the search committee. That is a difficulty in a church our size. But it is important to know that everyone on the committee is known by people on staff and/or in leadership. The people who know them believe that they are equipped for the work ahead of them.

The search committee is not hiring a new pastor. Instead, they are tasked with reviewing possible candidates and then presenting recommendations to the congregation. There may be only one recommended candidate presented for the congregation to consider, or there may be multiple candidates. Again, the search committee does not select the pastor. The congregation must vote to elect a pastor. What that means is that you may vote “no” or you may vote “yes” to a particular candidate.

Our Book of Church Order (BCO), the document that governs the workings of our church, also requires that the congregation votes for the search committee. This is not because they have power or authority like the elected officers of the church. Requiring the congregation to vote serves as a check and balance. It allows the congregation to make sure that the search committee is not some faction with a chip on their shoulder but rather a group of individuals who can best serve the interests of the entire church in this process.

There will be a chance to ask questions about the process before the vote atSunday’s meeting.

As a member, you will be asked to vote either “yes” or “no” for the entire slate. This means it is either a “yes” vote for everyone or “no” vote for everyone. There is not voting for individual people on the slate:

  • Natalie Atwell
  • Karyl Boring
  • Katy Brett
  • Devin Chaulk
  • Greg Dugan
  • Renata Jackson
  • Dave Maurer (deacon rep)
  • Renate Myler
  • Mark Nottingham (deacon rep)
  • Matt Overley (elder rep)
  • Cindy Ragsdale
  • Bill Taft (elder rep)
  • Rob Wynkoop

If you have any concerns about one of the individuals, please talk to one of the elders. If you need to be connected to one of the elders in your parish, please contact Amanda Edgell.

Nonprofit Corporation Officers Redeemer is an Indiana Nonprofit Corporation. The state of Indiana requires that the corporation (i.e. the membership) meet at least annually. Part of that meeting is so we can elect officers of the corporation (president, secretary, and treasurer). These are officers in the legal/business sense. These are not church officers. In the eyes of the state, the Session serves as the board of directors. The most practical activity the officers of the corporation undertake is signing legal documents on behalf of the church.

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