Congregational Meeting Summary

White Paper WeddingsIf you missed the congregational meeting this Sunday, here is a summary of what was discussed and accomplished:

First, Amy Wilson reviewed our 2015 budget. We are thrilled and thankful that our church body was able to rally behind out budget shortfall and help us to end the year with savings. With your help we were able to move $107,932.75 into savings – wow. This will help us to better serve our body and our staff members by keeping our budget more stable during ups and downs. Amy also went over our 2016 budget, highlighting that we are prayerfully increasing our budget from last year’s by 3%. We did, however, decrease our expenses in an effort to prioritize a healthy 2017 budget. We will transfer $40,000 from our capital campaign fund in order to cover part of our facility budget as the capital campaign is postponed while we focus on finding our new pastor. If there are questions about anything regarding our church budget, it is top priority for us to be transparent with you about how your tithe dollars are being used. Please contact Ben Reed [] or Amy Wilson [] with questions.

The next item on the meeting agenda was to elect Jamie MacGregor as the President of our Trustees committee. This is to fill the vacancy left by Jason in his move to Washington. We will look to have the new lead pastor take over the role when he is brought on. We need to have all of our trustee positions filled to be in good standing as a 501C3 not-for-profit organization. Nathan Partain serves as our treasurer and Ben Reed as our secretary.

And finally – the fun stuff! We joyously report that by a vote of 153 yeses, 4 noes, and 1 abstain, we approved the slate for our pastoral search committee. The committee will be made up of Natalie Atwell, Karyl Boring, (Fountain Square rep) Katy Brett, Devin Chaulk, Greg Dugan, Renata Jackson, Dave Maurer (deacon rep), Renate Myler, Mark Nottingham (deacon rep), Matt Overley (elder rep), Cindy Ragsdale, Bill Taft (elder rep), and Rob Wynkoop. The team will elect a chairperson from among themselves. Their first meeting will be help this Sunday. Join us in praying fervently for them as they as tasked with a huge undertaking.

Click here to view the Congregational Meeting Handout. Thank you for taking the time to be at the meeting or to read through the summary and be connected to and invested in our future as a church!