New Hope Support Groups

newhopeNew Hope, Redeemer Presbyterian's counseling center, will begin offering support groups for those who may be facing depression and/or anxiety-like symptoms. There will be two separate groups-- one for adult men and one for adult women. The groups begin April 9th and will meet twice a month on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11am. These two groups are for people who experience depression and/or anxiety like symptoms and think they would benefit from a support group. The groups will be a time to come together with our array of experiences to find understanding and comfort from fellow sufferers as we speak about our day to day struggles. There is no fee to participate. The women's group will be lead by Kaylin Vincz, co-lead by Adella Manley; the men's group will be lead by Aaron Gardner, co-led by Don Gilliland. If you have any questions about these groups, please email our Pastor of Counseling, Jeff Nottingham.