Prayer for the Pastoral Search Committee

White Paper WeddingsAs you may know by now, our Pastoral Search Committee has been named, approved, and has met twice now. During their last meeting, they named some key ways that we as a congregation can be praying for them during this next year or so that they are sifting through resumes, listening to sermons, and conducting interviews.Please pray that the committee would be able to focus on Jesus, the leader of the search process. Pray for their endurance through the process, as it will be a large and long task. Pray for wisdom, unity and camaraderie as the committee works on specific tasks. Since many of the search committee members have children, please pray for the provision of childcare, if the need arises, while the search committee meets. And finally, we ask that you pray for the session as they are articulating and leading in vision and priorities.

Thank you for your support in this process. Though there are only a handful of people on the search committee, this is a whole-church process. Prayer is needed for support and guidance and we are grateful to have a strong community of people caring for the long-term good of the church and God's work in Indianapolis.