Connecting Singles, Marrieds, Men and Women

What is it?Stages of Life is a ministry we are developing to help folks in our community connect with others who are in the same age and/or stage of life. Our main focus will be on connecting and supporting our singles, marrieds, women and men. However, there is room for other stages of life to develop as well (newlyweds, parents of young children, empty nesters, etc.), depending on the need and desire.

Why is this ministry being developed? We have noticed a desire to connect with others who are facing similar life experiences. The hope is that this ministry would provide a context for identifying other Redeemerites who are in a similar age or stage of life, so that they can connect with and support one another.That said, this does not replace your need for a community group, which is the heart of Redeemer's fellowship.

How will it look? This ministry will be volunteer-led and staff-supported. Volunteer leaders will be folks who are natural gatherers and/or event planners. Their role will be to listen to those in their stage of life and advocate for special lunches, socials, seminars, or retreats, according to the felt needs of their demographic. Staff support will come from Adult Ministry Coordinator, Kate Ghormley. Her role will be to meet regularly with the volunteer leaders for encouragement, strategizing, event planning, and promotion of events.

When will this ministry be up and running? While some grass-roots efforts are already engaging this need to some extent, the goal is for the next few months to be a time of identifying and recruiting volunteer leaders, meaning this ministry may not be mobilized until the fall or later.

What can you do to support this ministry right now? Pray! Please pray for potential volunteer leaders as they seek the Lord and process through this commitment, and also for the Redeemer staff as they work together in the continued shaping of this ministry. If you think you might be interested in being a volunteer leader, please contact Kate Ghormley ( to begin that conversation.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to see this new ministry begin to take shape!