Global Missions Month: What is the GMT?

2015-10-10 13.45.57April is Global Missions Month. Over the coming weeks, we will highlight the work of the Global Missions Team (GMT).

WHO WE ARE The GMT exists as an outgrowth of Redeemer’s gospel-centered missional identity. We facilitate international missions and encourage a global missions movement within the church by education, communication, and participation.

Redeemer seeks to support global missions that align with our values and goals. We select missions based on our values which are: Grace-driven: We work with others who teach and embody the gospel of grace. Indigenous: We seek to support the revelation of God in and through every tribe, tongue, and nation. Word and Deed: We seek a close balance between word & deed. Discipleship & Church Planting: We support projects that stress church planting and discipleship. That is, they seek to nurture a holistic, transformative Christian life. Urban-Focused: We focus primarily on projects that stress gospel transformation in urban contexts.

OUR COMMITMENTS Relationships: We are committed to build long-term, reciprocal relationships with our global partners. We will seek partnerships with long-term ministries that build local roots and relationships. The focus will be upon strong relationships with a few key partners, as opposed to many smaller relationships. Education: We seek to continually educate ourselves and our congregation on the role and nature of international missions in the Church. Integration: We are committed to integrating missions into the life of our church. The GMT is committed to being pace-setting leaders in calling our church to share God’s heart for the city and the world. Sending: We are committed to encouraging, supporting and sending out Redeemer members who are trying to discern a long-term call to global missions. Prayer: Prayer is foundational and vital to everything we do. We are committed to praying with and for our partners.

SERVE WITH US We have a big vision, but we need more team members to help us achieve it. Whether you have administrative gifts, enjoy helping others discern God’s call on their life, love caring and praying for others, or simply have a love of God’s global church, there is a role for you on the GMT. Contact Ben Reed [] to learn how you can get involved.