Global Missions Month: Special Offering

HInklesAll month we are highlighting the work of our missions team and our missions partners around the world. We cannot fulfill our mission without the generous support of the Redeemer congregation. We receive money in Redeemer’s budget, so if you give to Redeemer, a portion of your tithe goes toward the work of the GMT. However, this money is not enough to cover all the work we feel called to accomplish. As you consider how you can give above and beyond your tithe, we ask you to consider giving toward the work of the GMT. You can always give by writing “Missions” on the memo of your check. There will be a special offering on Sunday, April 24th at the end of each service.

Pictured: the Hinkles are the first global missionaries sent out by Redeemer. Your financial support not only cares for the Hinkles, but also allows the GMT to work with families and individuals who can be “the next Hinkles” - Redeemer members sent out by our congregation.

Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting areas of ministry that need funding. Please pray and ask the Lord how you can give toward the work of the GMT.