Quick Update from the Pastoral Search Committee

EASTER_2016_WORSHIPAs you know, Redeemer said goodbye to our lead pastor, Jason Dorsey, last summer. We have taken a deliberate path towards finding a new lead pastor and I have to say, it has been a beautiful and encouraging time to be a part of this body. Last August there were a lot of conversations cast with uncertainty, but there has been a lot of growth and support in the last year. We are getting closer to our end goal of finding a new lead pastor. Here is the state of the search as it stands today:The search committee has been working on a packet of information describing who Redeemer is to any prospective pastors. This packet has taken time, but will be a helpful tool to making sure we get the right candidates. The packet is in its final stage: layout, and the team plans to have this completed and published by the end of May. Once it is published, we will begin to accept applications.

Terry Gyger will be in town on June 9th and will meet with the search committee to continue to get his advice and guidance.

A big thanks to the congregation at 16th and Delaware. Your prayers and encouragement are so important right now. This is such a sweet and beautiful time right now as we define our mission as a church and prepare to welcome in a new lead pastor.