Summer CT&T Class Offerings

Every summer at Redeemer we shake things up a little bit! Your regular CT&T classes (Sunday morning 10:00-11:00) will take a break and we will offer something a little different in its place. The last meeting of our regular classes will be this Sunday, May 22. Summer classes will begin June 5 and continue through July 24. We will have a break from all CT&T July 31-August 28. Keep scrolling for adult, children, and youth summer activities and a few miscellaneous fun things at the very bottom!


Adults can choose between two classes this summer: Gospel Parenting and Gospel and Film. Gospel Parenting will be held in Gallery 2 and taught by a rotating lineup of Redeemer parents. The focus will be on parenting in a gospel-centered, trusting, repentant way. Gospel and Film will meet in the Underground and will be taught by David Atwell and David Lichty. The class will consider how we can thoughtfully engage in film as an art form and how we can bring Jesus into these conversations. Email Kate Ghormley with questions. 


Summer Children's Worship: We're taking a break from traditional Children's Worship and are introducing a new program with a new format focusing on missions, prayer, and giving. Each week we'll talk about Redeemer's missionary partners, pray for them, and talk about the Lord's Prayer. Children will also have the chance to give offering money toward a gift to help someone in need. We need three adults and one youth helper to help in each service each week (lesson plan will be provided). Email Nikki Reed to volunteer!

Preschool CT&T (ages 3-5) Children's Worship Rm 106: We will spend the summer at "Camp Catechism" learning about God's character and theological truths using the simple language of First Catechism. Each week will include songs, crafts, and puppets. We need five adult volunteers to help each week (lesson plan will be provided). Please sign up here or at the nursery check-in station!

Elementary CT&T (k-4th grade grads) Rm 204: We will be exploring the basics of the Bible through songs, crafts, and games. We'll be learning the books of the Bible, how they fit together, and major themes of each big section of the Bible. High schoolers will be leading much of the fun summer alongside Hidi Gardner. We would also welcome an additional adult each week. Please contact Hidi Gardner to volunteer. 

Communicant Class (3rd-5th grade grads) Rm 203: This class prepares kids to become communing members, which means they are able to begin taking the Lord's Supper during worship service. While we will spend the bulk of our time studying topics covering creation, the fall, redemption, and restoration, we will also specifically study each of the five membership questions. Please contact Todd Dawkins to sign your child up for this class or with questions. You can also click here to read more about Redeemer's communicant process. 

Youth (rising 6-12th grades): The middle school will be studying the book of Mark with the emphasis on how to read the Bible (Room 201). This class will be taught by Jamie MacGregor. The high school will be assisting with the elementary summer CT&T (Room 204).