A VBS Update

White Paper WeddingsRedeemer's Vacation Bible School went great! Each morning around 25 youth ministry students prepared crafts, stories, and recreation for over 60 elementary students. Our partnership with the 16 Park Community Center was a huge benefit as there space fit us all nicely and provided access to Kennedy King Park for recreation. 

Hear about how God worked last week from one our VBS volunteers, Susan Jones:

"What a wonderful blessing to work with such talented youth and children while serving as this year's VBS Drama Coordinator! I truly enjoyed following God's leading to incorporate Viola Spolin's Improv Games into the VBS curriculum based on the book of Joshua. Praise God for the leadership provided by Todd Dawkins and Caroline Tait. Their faith and flexibility allowed this year's VBS to be a rich learning opportunity for us all.

I want to strongly encourage you, yes YOU (parents and non-parents alike), to engage those who took part in VBS. Allow them to practice sharing their witness by inquiring, as the Spirit directs you, things like:

  • What is Improv? How does it reflect our faith in God? 
  • Ask about 'non-verbal communication'. Why is it important?
  • What is the Give and Take game? Which is easier, giving or taking?
  • or Who is Polly and what does she want? In a large group they can SHOW you!

Should any of the VBS kids offer to include you in a game, don't miss out on the chance to learn from them. Give them the opportunity to pass the 'olympic torch', to practice discipleship and share what they know. Help keep this VBS experience from being just another lesson in consumerism and encourage them to share their witness."

We are so grateful for the many people involved from all the youth that arrived at 7:45 am every morning to our adult volunteers running different activities and leading teams, we could not have done VBS with out you. Thank you. And thank you to all the families that participated by trusting your elementary aged child with us each morning last week. It was truly a great time.