Seminary Course Taught at Redeemer this Fall

DRAWING_JASON_THEFALLAre you a Bible teacher, church leader, or simply a motivated Bible student? If so, please consider taking a seminary-level course at Redeemer this fall. The class is called “The Pentateuch – Books of Moses” and is a detailed study of the first five books of the Old Testament. The focus will be on introductory material, prominent literary features, theology, canonical contribution, and contemporary debates. It will be taught by Dr. John Currid, Professor of Old Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary.The course will meet for two weekend intensives September 9-10 & October 14-15 (Friday night 7-10pm, and all day Saturday 9am-5pm), plus six Tuesday nights (7-10pm): September 20; October 4; October 25; November 8; November 29; December 13. Cost if $75 to audit, $135 if taken for credit.
To register and for more information go to