Pay Mercy Forward: From God, Through You, To Whom?

The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made. — Psalm 145:9

October is Mercy Month at Redeemer, when we seek to involve the entire congregation in the mercy ministry of our church. We hope you’ll participate in this year’s activity of “Pay Mercy Forward: From God, Through You… To Whom?” Here’s how it works:

  • On Sunday, October 2 following the each service, the Deacon team will distribute envelopes containing various cash denominations ($10 up to $100) in the underground. Anyone may participate (one envelope per household please). You won’t know how much cash is in your envelope until you open it! You need not, but feel free to contribute some of your own funds to your envelope.
  • At some point in October, use that money in an act of mercy. While we don’t have guidelines for how to use the money, we have some suggestions. First, we would discourage you from giving that money to someone you don’t know; we don’t want to enable someone’s brokenness. Instead, consider using this money in the context of an existing relationship — perhaps with someone struggling to make ends meet, or dealing with a specific crisis. More creatively, the relationship in question could be in need of restoration — a friendship that has soured, for example, and this money would be an opportunity to reconnect with this individual and seek or extend forgiveness. Another option would be to use it with an organization in need of support. These are just recommendations, the spirit may lead you in other directions.
  • Inside the envelope is a brief form asking how you used the money, what was the result, and what impact this exercise had on you.
  • Should we run out of envelopes and you would like to participate, we encourage you to think of a creative way to participate: pray for someone, cook a meal, visit someone who is sick, write a letter, share the gospel! There are many ways to engage in acts of mercy.
  • On Sunday, 10/30, we’ll gather in the Underground during the CT&T hour to read some of these forms and have a conversation about Pay It Forward. We’ll also give a brief overview and examples of outreach grants available from the Deacons, which can help underwrite the cost of larger acts of mercy you may wish to undertake.