Women's Advent Tea: Help Needed!

This year’s Women’s Advent Tea will take place on December 3, 2-5pm at Peggy Saben’s home. There’s a bit of work that goes in to making this event happen! Please see the list below to see what the needs are. Men, we encourage you to serve the women of the congregation by signing up to help in some way, too!

1.  We need donors for sweets, everything elsewill be furnished.

2.  We need hands for food setup before the event.

3.  We need servers during the tea, i.e. refilling coffee urns, restocking table plates, etc.

4.  We need a team to help clean up for the final exit.

5.  We need special someone to shuttle guests from the United Methodist Church parking lot two doors north to the Saben’s home.  There is no parking on Meridian Street.

If you would like to serve in any of these ways, please contact Mary Howard at Mary.murphy.howard@gmail.com.