2016 Officer Nominations

November is officer nomination month at Redeemer. Please take some time over the next week to read the Officer Nomination Guide posted on The City. If you are a member at Redeemer, we invite you to nominate, pray for and then elect individuals to be leaders of our church as elders, deacons, or deaconesses.  Please note that the deadline for nominations is December 16, 2016.

What is the nomination process?

1.    Prayerfully consider who may be officers (see the Officer Nomination Guide for more info).

2.  Approach the person(s) you want to nominate. Explain why you want to nominate them and ask permission to do so. If they consent, fill out the form with their name and information.

3.   Nominees meet with a few current officers to discuss their call to serve as an officer at Redeemer and their willingness to go through officer training.

4.    Nominees are to go through the Gospel Leadership classes if they have not done so already. These two classes (theology and character) run during the spring semester.

5.   Nominees also go through ministerial training during the spring and summer.

6.  Those nominees who, at the end of the training period, are evaluated to be ready to serve, will represented to the congregation for officer elections in September.

7.   Officer elections will be held in October.

8. Those nominees elected by the congregation will be ordained (elder, deacon) or commissioned(deaconess) and installed in October or November with much thanksgiving to God!

What should you look for in Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses?

A great summary of officer qualifications is found 1 Timothy 3:1-13. In short, these individuals need to exhibit an advanced maturity of Christian character, ministry leadership gifts and skills, and a commitment to Redeemer’s vision. They must also have been a Christian for at least three years and a member of Redeemer for at least one year at the time they are nominated.


Edit: this version includes the updated due date - changed from Nov 30 to Dec 16.