Transit in Downtown Indianapolis

Redeemer has always sought to remain nonpartisan and will continue to remain so. We encourage everyone to vote their conscience on November 8th. That said, there are two issues on the Marion County ballot this year and one of them will affect our city. We want to take a minute to explain the Referendum for Transit Funding that you will see on the ballot next week. 

Here is the wording you will see on the ballot: "Shall Marion County have the ability to impose a county economic development income tax rate, not to exceed a rate of 0.25%, to pay for improving or establishing public transportation service in the county through a public transportation project that will create a connected network of buses and rapid transit lines; increase service frequency; extend operational hours; and implement three new rapid transit lines?"

A reliable, well-connected transit system will connect low income workers to employment and needed services. It will also make urban neighborhoods more attractive to new residents who prefer not to depend on a car.  The referendum would allow for an increase of income tax .25% (equates to $125/year for $50,000 income). This will be used to improve bus service for the city including the implementation of new Bus Rapid Transit lines.