Ben Reed: The Road to Ordination

Ben Reed has been serving as Redeemer's Director of Administration since 2010. On Friday, November 11 he passed his final ordination exam and will be officially ordained in a service at Redeemer on December 4, 2016. We are all very proud of Ben's accomplishment! His road has been long so the celebration will be great. 

Ben graduated from Taylor University in 2002 with a degree in journalism and began attending Redeemer Presbyterian soon after. He was engaged to his wife Nikki at the time and they did their premarital counseling with Jason Dorsey while they were here. 

Ben and Nikki got married in 2003 and in 2004, Nikki got a job offer in St. Paul Minnesota. They moved and Ben began seminary at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul. Initially, Ben was interested in getting a masters degree and eventually a PhD - he dreamt of teaching Christian Social Ethics at a University. Ben has always been interested in how the Church engages with culture and, in this way, is a natural fit for Redeemer's work with arts and culture.

After spending a year in seminary as a traditional student, Nikki's job moved them again - this time to Portland, Oregon. They were in Portland for five years. During this time, Ben started working at an arts college in their financial aid department. Ben loved this work and continued doing it even after the Reeds moved back to Minneapolis. He saw this work as just another way he could be a part of groups that were shaping culture since universities play such a big role in that.

In 2009 they found out that they were pregnant with their first daughter, Vivian. Ben and Nikki decided to move back to Indianapolis to be closer to family as they started their own. Initially, Ben was working in Richmond, IN and making that long commute every day. After 14 months of that, however, Ben applied to the position that he has now at Redeemer. It was then that Ben began having conversations with Jason about going back to seminary to finish his degree. This time, though, he planned to graduate with an M.Div. with a focus on pastoral studies. He took his courses primarily online and graduated in 2014. 

From 2014-2016 Ben studied for and took a series of grueling ordination exams, taking his final one this past Friday, November 11. Ben will continue on in his role of Director of Administration. He has always seen this role as a natural fit for a pastoral figure. He sees his position as one where he helps the staff to excel and it is important to approach that goal with a pastoral mindset rather than only from an administrative mindset. There's been a lot of talk at Redeemer lately about planting churches. Ben's role will have a lot to do there as well. As new churches are planted they will need someone to manage legal, administrative, and bookkeeping and Ben has a specific set of strengths in those areas. 

Though Ben has finished his exams, the road is not quite over yet! He will be ordained in a service on December 4, 2016 at 6:30. Everyone is invited and there will be a reception following the service. Please come join us in this great celebration! His ordination will be bookended with a move on the front end and the birth of his fourth daughter on the back end. Keep the Reed family in your prayers as they round the bases and head for home!


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