MacGregor Christmas Open House

Please join us at the MacGregor’s home (1908 N. New Jersey Street) on Friday, Dec 16, 7-10pm for our second annual Christmas Open House! The open house is a great time for all, especially if you are newer to Redeemer. There will be a great mix of people there so even if you’ve been around, you’re sure to meet someone new! The MacGregor’s home will be warm and full of Christmas cheer (there’s a great gift exchange that will take place at 8:00) so even if the outside is frightful, inside the home will be so delightful! 

We are asking that kids under 16 stay at home because it will allow the adults to be focused on building friendships with each other. Middle and high schoolers can attend the progressive dinners that night. 

Please park on New Jersey Street – there’s always plenty of parking. Feel no obligation to bring anything, though if you are a “never show up empty-handed” kind of person, we welcome the addition of your favorite beverage. 

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