New Hope Counseling Spotlight

Sometimes God leaves me distant enough from him (by my perception) that I am forced to seek instead his hands and feet, in community. And sometimes I scan my community for people who would hear me without assuming burden; would hold and help sort my hurts without the cost that comes from sharing day-to-day life with me; would offer a very different wisdom.

Though I need my regular community each and every day, there are moments when I need an other-giftedness . . . a clinical counseling hour where a trained ear and trained voice show me truth in non-parental, non-spousal, non-pastoral, non-sibling, non-friend form. Did you know you have such other-giftedness available right under our roof at 16th & Delaware? New Hope Counseling offers clinical excellence to Redeemer Pres. and Fountain Square Pres. congregants.

Cindy Ragsdale, L.M.H.C. Currently New Hope’s clinical excellence includes Jeff Nottingham, Laura Ferguson, Kaylin Vincz, and Mike Spencer, who sit with individual, couple, and family clients; additionally, Aaron Gardner facilitates the twice-monthly depression/anxiety men’s group on 2nd & 4th Saturdays, and Kaylin Vincz facilitates the women’s.

Please consider calling on God’s hands and feet, offered to you in precious, holy, 50-minute increments through New Hope Counseling. I will not feign non-bias, as I have the joy of supervising a few of these folks and regularly walk out of supervision sessions a little teary at how our God is at work in these gifted, flawed, loving, ethical, gospel-clinging, wise, professional counselors. I admit it. Don’t let my bias keep you from reaching out to God’s hands and feet at New Hope, right here at RPC.

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