2016 Deacon Team and Mercy Ministry Highlights

Throughout the year the Deacon Team walks with members and attenders of the Redeemer who are in financial need.  We also walk alongside our neighbors who reach out to us  for help. Here are some of the ways we stewarded mercy funds in 2016:

  • Distributed gift cards for groceries and gas
  • Provided funds for rent, utilities, emergency housing
  • Contributed funds for adoption and foster care grants
  • Supported members of the congregation with neighborhood outreach efforts 
  • Paid for funeral travel expenses
  • Purchased and distributed bus passes
  • Provided funding for counseling center scholarships.
  • Supported partner ministries
  • Distributed funds for individual development grants
  • Cared for the widows in our congregation
  • Provided financial counseling

It is humbling to reflect on the many ways our church family extended  mercy to one another and our neighbors in 2016.   Thank you for financially supporting Redeemer’s mercy fund so generously. 

Should you look to engage in larger acts of mercy, please let us know if we can help. The Deacons can provide outreach grants to help fund your efforts that might not happen otherwise. Together with you, we can steward the funds God has given us, and use them to spread his love and mercy wide.

If you are interested in serving on the Deacon Team, please contact, jen.maurer@redeemindy.org. There is an upcoming training on January 22 & 29.