Hinkle Family Visit (April - June 2017)

The Hinkles (Lee, Shannon, Braden, Maddie, Reagan, Georgia, and Rose) are a family that we sent out from the Redeemer congregation to plant a church with Mission to the World (the sending organization of the PCA) in Perth, Australia in July of 2015. They will be back in the states for a visit this April through June and have a number of needs during their visit.

First, they are in need of a vehicle to use for the entirety of the time they will be in the states (April 26-June 25). This would ideally be a minivan or something that could hold their whole family.

Second, they are in need of housing while in Indy. The nights they will be spending in Indy are: May 4-7, May 16-19, and June 6-25.

Third, we would like to invite you to an update & luncheon after the second service on May 7. This would be a great place to get to know the Hinkles and learn more about the work they are doing in Australia. Lee will also be preaching at both services this day. 

Last, we have set up a Meal Train for the nights that the Hinkles will be in Indianapolis. If you’d like to have some dedicated time to catch up with them, please sign up for sharing a meal here. You can bring them a meal, have them over for a meal, take them out, or drop one off!

Please contact Danielle Wilson at daniellejoywilson@gmail.com or 317-650-0608, if you are able to help with any of these needs or if you have any questions about the Hinkle’s visit.