An Open Letter of Gratitude to the Search Committee

To the members of Redeemer’s lead pastor search committee: Matt Overley, Natalie Atwell, Karyl Boring, Katy Brett, Devin Chaulk, Greg Dugan, Renata Jackson, Jenni Mansell, David Maurer, Renate Myler, Mark Nottingham, Cindy Ragsdale, Bill Taft, and Rob Wynkoop,

You all have spent more time and energy finding a lead pastor for our church than many of us will ever be able to conceptualize. For this, and for the care you have taken, the emotional bandwidth this task has required of you, and the personal sacrifices you have made in order to do this job well, we are so grateful. 

We are all bonded through our mutual love for our church and desire to see the Gospel grow in Indianapolis. There is so much beauty in trusting each other to care for something we all feel so strongly about. Thank you, search committee, for being trustworthy stewards of these things that we hold so dear.