On Sunday afternoon, the Deacon team hosted the second part of an ongoing discussion on the topic of Race & Redeemer, pressing in to explore what it looks like to embrace diversity, and seek the Lord's wisdom as the catalyst to the process.


The discussion, hosted at the home of Mark & Laura Abdon, had an overarching theme of listening to God and each other as we intentionally pursue what it means to be a good neighbor and share the gospel across cultural and ethnic lines. Mark, who facilitated the conversation, began the time with prayer. "We're here to listen. Lead us, God, into what you would have us do." 


Filling the back yard with conversations and small-group discussions on what we dreamed to be the future of Redeemer on this topic, and how we can participate in what the Lord is doing, the people in attendance found themselves in a safe space to be open and honest about what the Lord was laying on their hearts as we move forward. The end result wasn't a perfect formula on how to proceed, but rather a jumping-off point for further discussion and personal challenges, both inside and outside of structured conversations like this one.


Some quotes that stood out among the groups were:

"In leadership, sometimes the best thing to do is step aside and listen."

"God cares about this even more than we do."

"We have the privilege to participate [in the work that God is already doing]."

"Stay humble with each other as well as those outside of the conversation."


In the coming months, the Deacon team will be hosting follow-up conversations, and we encourage everyone to participate.