“Social Healing” is the umbrella term for all the things your deacon team works towards. Through outreach and justice, service and mercy, and financial and counseling ministries, Redeemer’s Deacon Team administers much of the church’s funds that are specifically focused on social healing. This part of our church’s ministry is funded in two ways:

  1. Through the Redeemer General Fund, as the session directs a portion of your tithes and offerings to mercy ministry each year.

  2. Through designated giving - when you write “Mercy Fund” on your check, etc.

The breakdown of the 2017 Diaconate Year to Date Spending is as follows:

Mercy Fund and Legacy Fellowship Care:   General account to meet the needs of parishioners and neighbors, e.g., unplanned medical procedures that people cannot afford, utility bills, car repairs, rent or mortgage assistance, etc.

Partner Ministries:   Funds granted to likeminded organizations with strong Redeemer ties (The Oaks Academy, YL-Herron, YL Tech). Congregants may also apply for a limited number of ministry grants.

New Star Outreach:  Funds designated to programming and tutoring carried out by Redeemer members for our neighbors at 16 Park.

Adoption Grants:  Support for parishioners who are adopting or offering other care for the vulnerable, e.g., foster care, hosting a Young Lives mom, taking an extra child with them on vacation, etc.

Counseling Support:  Funds available to assist with the cost of professional counseling; these funds are administered through Redeemer’s New Hope Counseling Center

Administration and Education:  Resources for deacon training, diaconal sabbatical support and parishioner financial education.

Upcoming Events:

  • Sunday, October 29th:   CT & T Gathering

During the 10:00 hour on 10/29, we will meet as a large group in the Sanctuary to look at where we are “meeting our neighbors” well and where we have room to grow. Discussion will highlight the work of New Star and provide questions for small group discussion to prod our thinking about unintentional behaviors and how they affect who it is we know. Come ready to discuss ways you’ve adapted your behaviors and routines in respect to meeting your neighbors.

  • Sunday, October 29th: Special Offering

Each year during Mercy Month the Deacon Team takes a special offering to supplement the Mercy Fund.  This year as we consider the theme, "Who is my neighbor?" reflecting on new and practical ways to build relationships with our neighbors, prayerfully consider how much you would like to contribute to the to the Mercy Fund above your regular giving. The offering will take place at the end of both services on October 29.

If you have questions about anything related to the deacon team’s budget or the “Mercy Fund,” please email