Town Hall Recap

June 9th Town Hall Recap

Election of Dan Barber

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration of Dan Barber for the office of Ruling Elder. The vote was taken and passed with 118 of 122 votes in favor. He has already been ordained at a previous PCA church, so today we will be installing him as a Ruling Elder at Redeemer.

Staffing Restructuring Update

In the time since our Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Care resigned, we have been considering how best to structure our staff team in light of our mission, our growth, and the strengths of our team.

  • Jen Maurer, who currently serves part-time as our Deacon Team Coordinator, will be moving in to serving in that role full-time.

  • Jeff Nottingham, currently our Pastor of Counseling and Clinical Director of New Hope Counseling, will continue to serve as the Director of New Hope and move into the role of Pastor of Care, overseeing how God ministers his grace through us as a church.

  • Beginning September 1, Sarah Miller, who has been Redeemer’s part-time Finance Director, will move into the full-time role of Assistant Director of Operations, working more with Human Resources, Finances, and Special Projects.

  • We will begin advertising soon for a Pastor of Formation. Please pray that God would raise up the right person for this important role.

College Ministry

As we pray about what it means to connect people to Jesus in all stages of life, one hole we saw was how we were ministering to our college-aged students. With that in mind, a committee led by Todd Dawkins, our Pastor of Next Generation Ministries, led a search for a college pastor. We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) and hired Brandon Buller for college ministry. He will use the next few months raising support before he comes on officially with Redeemer. More information about the Bullers and the CCO ministry will be sent out in an email this week.

2018 Generosity

Another huge thank you for your generous giving in 2018!

  • God brought more people to Christianity Explored than we had budgeted for, and with some of the extra giving from 2018, we were able to serve those people.

  • 20% of the extra giving is going towards Mercy projects, including helping to buy a new van for Project Love, a ministry we support in Fountain Square whose van was in need of lots of work.

  • Your giving enabled us to begin expanding our staffing to meet the needs of our congregation now rather than having to wait until 2020. We’re excited to be moving our mission forward in this way!

  • We were able to cover the nearly $42,000 needed for basement cleanup after it flooded.

Convertible Grant

Last fall, the Harrison Center received a grant for $2.1 million to help make the arts more accessible and open to our neighbors. With that comes lots of exciting changes to our building! An elevator will be going in from the ground level to the roof where there will be a rooftop terrace for Harrison Center and Redeemer events. Repairs will begin on our iconic smokestack, which will impact the use of the back parking lot. More information on that will come as we get closer to the date of those repairs.

Church Planting

We’ve always said that Redeemer is a church planting church, and that hasn’t changed. We still give $8,000 monthly to the Church Planting Fund with the intention of planting. However, in light of growth and change, we think it’s necessary to get our staff team to capacity first, before adding planting a new church to that load.

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Ben Reed