Fall Classes Launch Next Week

Classes meet every Sunday morning between first and second services from 10–10:50am. Check below to find out where you and your family can plug in!



Are you tired? 

  • Tired of serving?

  • Tired of the 9–5?

  • Tired of being peculiar? 

  • Tired of the spiritual struggle?

  • Tired even of Jesus? 

Join us as we look at the book of Hebrews, which was written precisely to people weary in the Christian life. We’ll see how Jesus really is greater and enables us to hope and press on.

Perhaps no other book in the Bible offers quite the mix of challenge and opportunity like Hebrews. It’s long for a letter. It’s complex. It draws heavily on the Old Testament and even ancient philosophy. We don’t know who wrote it or to whom it was written. Bottom line — it’s not easy to understand. But it’s incredibly rich in what it tells us about Jesus, how God’s story fits together, what salvation means, and how to keep going in our faith when we’re tired. Join us on a pilgrimage through Hebrews this semester. 

Hebrews is taught by Charles Anderson in the Underground Gallery.


Creatives Class is a place for creative souls to gather for prayer, encouragement, and exploration of how the gospel impacts an artist’s life. The class is designed so that people can drop in and out as their schedule allows. 

Kyle Ragsdale will lead this class in his studio.


The Middle School Class will be meeting in Room 141. 

The High School Class will be meeting in the Underground for the Hebrews class. 


Preschool (3s–K)

3s–4s: 160A (Children’s Worship room)

5s–K: 160B (adjacent to the Children’s Worship room)

Elementary (1st–5th grades)

1st–4th Grades: Gospel Project

For these classes, we take a look at the narrative of the Bible by journeying through both the Old Testament and New Testament books. This year we pick up our journey by starting in Acts then finishing our study with an overview of the rest of the New Testament. 

5th Grade: Project Launch

This class looks back on what has been learned in Gospel Project with an eye to understanding and applying what we believe about the scriptures. This year, students will be equipped for their faith journeys as members of the church and as those who are about to complete RedeemerKids and launch into RedeemerStudents.

1st & 2nd grades are starting in room 204. 2nd graders will be picked up from 205 across the hall.

3rd & 4th grades meet in 203.

5th grade is in 201.

Ben Reed