PreEnact Indy

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PreEnact Indy is a professional theater event which feels a bit like a street festival with the goal of envisioning the neighborhood as a just, equitable and economically healthy place. The script for performances is based on the history of the community; it is “a way to understand both the pain of the neighborhood’s past and what its dreams are, to build hope for the future,” says Joanna Taft, executive director of the Harrison Center. “It’s not meant to be just a band-aid or a temporary prettying-up of buildings.”  The stage is an entire three blocks of 16th Street. From the Monon to Andrew J. Brown, every vacant lot and building, existing business, street lane, and sidewalk is part of the stage.

See a more diverse neighborhood economy—Set designers will build temporary facades on the vacant lots and spruce up the abandoned buildings.

Engage with actors—Actors will perform an equitable way of living and model a neighborhood that is revitalized, but is also inclusive.

Support diversity in film—The Harlem film festival ImageNation will operate 3 “movie theaters” screening films by black directors about the global black experience.

Watch professional performers—7 theater groups (Act A Foo Improv Crew, Asante Children’s Theater, Sapphire, Freetown Village, etc.) are partners. 

Meet local change makers—3 schools and 20 neighborhood groups are also participating.

PreEnact Indy will take place this Saturday, October 5th from 10-am–5 pm, on 16th Street from the Monon Trail to Dr. Andrew J. Brown Ave. In addition to the many dramatic arts and music performances, activities for the day will include: interactive workshops, a pop-up cafe, artisan market, food trucks, a pop-up roller rink, building tours, and a chance to meet members of the Association of Black Cowboys. Explore tiny homes, listen to spoken word performances, and visit Gospelfest and the Jazz Center.

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Ben Reed