Fall Ministry Fair

Ministry Fair.png

Redeemer holds to the core value of creating beauty where we are. That means we are to bring everything we are (our intellect, organization, creativity, spreadsheets, songs, education, mechanical ability, tender spirit) into every situation, and look to the Lord for what he wants us to bring there.

God calls us to create beauty wherever we are, and that certainly includes Redeemer! Each of us has something distinctive and important to contribute to the life of the church. We can’t be the church God wants us to be unless everyone is involved. And none of us can be who God wants us to be unless we’re all involved. So, our goal is that every person who calls Redeemer home finds a place to serve, where they can create beauty and be a part of his redemptive work.

Mark your calendars for August 18, before and after 2nd service, and be praying about how you can get more involved.

Questions? Email Lauren McElhaney [lauren@redeemindy.org].

Ben Reed