Reed Sabbatical


Dear Redeemer Family,

Today is my family’s last Sunday at Redeemer for a few months as I will be on sabbatical this summer. The Redeemer elders have granted me this sabbatical not just as a time of rest, but as a chance to re-establish healthy habits so I can re-engage at Redeemer with new strength and passion this fall. My family and I will be doing some traveling together – to Lake Michigan in June, and to Colorado in July to visit Nikki’s sister. We also plan to spend plenty of time in Indy doing house projects, gardening, seeing movies (first order of business: Avengers Endgame), and I’ll be writing for fun. 

I’m grateful for David Maurer, one of Redeemer’s Deacons, who will be taking over my work at Redeemer for a few months so I can fully disconnect. 

Nikki and I would appreciate your prayers this summer! Please pray for:

Rest and restoration: That this sabbatical season will be restful and restorative for us as individuals and as a family. 

Renewed connection to God: A sabbatical is primarily about spiritual restoration. Please pray we would connect with God in a holistic way through times of prayer, retreat, and silence. 

We love all our Redeemer family more than we can express, and will truly miss worshiping with you this summer. You are our home. We are excited to see you all again in September. 

Ben, Nikki, Vivian, Sylvia, Josephine, and Hattie Reed

Ben Reed