Redeemer Ministries

Redeemer Presbyterian Church considers itself to be a co-op church. This means that we employ only a small staff and rely on volunteers to run the majority of our programs. Not only does this approach allow us to steward well the resources God has given us, but it encourages the church to be an integral part of its ministry. 

A full description of our ministries can be found here, but below is a quick list of ministries available to you as a Redeemer attender. If you are a regular attender, please also consider choosing a ministry to volunteer with.


outreach ministries

Redeemer places a high value on building community where you live. Because of this, a lot of our outreach is based around the neighborhoods close to our 16th and Delaware location (in turn, our daughter congregation Fountain Square Pres has ministries in their neck of the woods). We encourage members and regular attenders to be involved in a location-based community group, we have a tutoring program for our friends down the street at 16 Park, and our Deacon Team focuses on the needs of our neighbors. Our global missions partners are like-minded, building community and spreading the Gospel where they live. 


Our community group model exists to provide a place beyond Sunday worship where the Redeemer community is growing and connecting to Jesus. It is in community groups that we share our experiences and knowledge of Jesus Christ through scripture and prayer, fellowship and develop friendship and intimacy, and provide pastoral care. Community groups are where we engage and grow the kingdom in our neighborhoods and city through the practice of faithful presence.

We are currently recruiting new volunteers to lead Community Groups. If you are interested in considering this role, please contact Amanda Edgell. 

Global Missions Team

Our Global Missions Team facilitates international missions and encourages a global missions movement within the church through education, communication, and international participation. To read about our partners, click here

We are currently seeking new members and, in particular, are looking for a communications coordinator. To get involved, please contact Ben Reed. 


New Star Community

Our New Star Community program works to bridge the gap between isolated neighbors and cultures to create a stronger, more diverse culture and community that worships God and reflects his character while furthering the education and spiritual growth of our community’s youth. Program volunteers meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays 4-5:15 at the 16 Park Community Center to tutor kids, provide snacks, and engage with them in planned activities.

New Star is currently looking for volunteers. Please contact Caroline Fridoblom if you are able to tutor (1+ days a week) or provide snacks. 



MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a ministry that supports and encourages moms. Join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 9:30-11:30am in the Underground Gallery (lower level) for good discussion, thought-provoking speakers, crafts, and food. Free childcare is available through our MOPPETS program. 


Sunday Classes + Age-Based Groups


Volunteers in our nursery minister to our children under 4 through prayer, story and play. They provide healthy, safe and loving care. The nursery is available on Sunday mornings, 8:15-12:30. 

To volunteer in our nursery, contact Darby Chodakowski


Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink

Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink

Children's Worship

Children's Worship exists to facilitate children’s worship of God and to teach them the elements of the liturgy used by Redeemer. We use this time to prepare them to enter into worship in the sanctuary. Kids ages 4 - K are welcome to join us during the sermon (parents are always welcome to observe!).

To help out with Children's Worship, contact Nikki Reed. 


Children's Ct+t

Children's CT+T (or Sunday Classes) provides an age-appropriate environment to help children understand God's character, the grace of Christ, the primacy of the Word and the pursuit of the Holy Spirit. We partner with parents in leading children to the Gospel. Classes are offered for kids ages K-5th grade. 

We are always looking for people to volunteer in Children's CT+T. For preschool, email Nikki Reed and for Elementary, email Hidi Gardner

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry disciples, equips, and motivates our students to be ministers of the Gospel, ready and eager to do Christ’s Kingdom work. Youth Ministry is for Middle and High Schoolers. We meet on Sunday mornings for classes and Sunday evening for large and small group activities. Youth from Redeemer Presbyterian Church and our daughter church, Fountain Square Presbyterian, meet together.  

If you are interested in working with the youth, please contact Caroline Fridblom


Adult CT+T

Our adult Sunday Classes seek to form mature servants of Jesus who by faith apply the gospel to every sphere and to every stage of life. Our fall classes begin September 11, many of which go through the spring. We also offer a reduced number of summer classes. To read more about our adult classes, click here


sunday morning "behind the scenes"

These teams work to make Sunday morning worship happen. Whether it be actually behind the scenes like our food and sound teams or a bit more visible like our music and welcome teams, these groups make it possible for us to worship together each Sunday.



Our music and sound teams lead our congregation in Sunday morning corporate worship. Click here to listen to our music. 

If you are a musician or have the makings of a sound technician, email Nathan Partain to get involved.



Our scripture readers read the passage that the sermon is based out of each week. This team thoughtfully and transparently communicates God’s word in our worship services.

Email Nathan Partain to be a part of this team.

Liturgical Arts Team

Redeemer's liturgical arts team is a big part of our church's culture. This team creates art installations in our sanctuary in order to expound the multifaceted beauty of the liturgical worship of Redeemer through the use of visual art and installations. We have had a number of team members move away and are looking for artists, folks with installation and carpentry experience, or even people who don't think of themselves are artistic but would like to be involved with our community in this way.

This team is currently looking to add artists, carpenters, and art enthusiasts. Contact Kyle Ragsdale to join our liturgical arts team. 


Food Team

We provide bagels, coffee, and donuts in order to create fellowship between members of our congregation and guests by bringing them to one place to enjoy food and conversation together.

To join the food team, please contact Paul Crimmins. 


welcome team

The welcome team works to make Redeemer's congregation feel welcomed and cared for. We give directions, listen to needs, and help connect our congregation to activities and ministries going on here at Redeemer.

The welcome team is currently recruiting members for its first service teams. To join the welcome team, please contact Lauren McElhaney


boiler room prayer

Our Boiler Room Prayer Team is an important and unique aspect of Sunday morning at Redeemer. This team supports the worship and mission of the Redeemer community through prayer during worship. While we stand upstairs worshiping and listening to the sermon, a group of dedicated individuals sits in the room below the sanctuary in prayer.

If this group is up your alley, please contact Renata Jackson to get involved.