Our Calling

Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink

Photo Credit: Mark Wikkerink

The Diaconate

Our Deacon Team is the front line of mercy and justice in Redeemer’s congregation, caring for Redeemer’s family and surrounding community. They are divided into three sub-teams; the Service and Mercy Team (making hospital and home visits, caring for widows and meeting mercy needs in the community), the Outreach and Justice Team {connecting with church and organizations here in Indy, offering hospitality to the underserved, poor, immigrants, refugees, and international students in our area), and the Finance and Counseling Team (providing individual or family financial counseling and leading financial education courses). If you are interested in joining the Deacon Team, please contact our Deacon Team coordinator, Jen Maurer


Church Planting

Redeemer is a fervent supporter of seeing churches planted in Indianapolis whether through  or as a direct sending church for neighborhood or parish plants. We have been intimately involved in the planting of three congregations and desire to see more Christ-centered culturally-engaging churches planted in center city neighborhoods in Indianapolis and around the world. We have come to believe that we are called to pass on the unique DNA of our community to other plants and we hope to do so by being a “teaching hospital” of sorts for pastors, worship leaders, and lay leaders, so that they may be fully prepared and heartily sent from Redeemer.

In 2013, we planted Fountain Square Presbyterian Church with approximately 60 people who were attending Redeemer and living in that neighborhood. It remains part of Redeemer, but maintains its own budget, community group system and worship service led by Pastor Pat Hickman. It is our desire to see neighborhoods renewed through the witness of those living within them and we have been excited to see the success of the Fountain Square Church.


New Hope Counseling Services

New Hope Counseling offers professional counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and children. We believe all people are made in God's image. When we restore health in our lives, we need to consider the spiritual, physical, and relational facets of how God made us. Having a guide in that journey is always helpful. We also believe that counseling does not necessarily equal crises-- healthy people use proactive counseling to preempt issues. Learn more about New Hope Counseling

Photo Credit: Danielle Wilson

Photo Credit: Danielle Wilson

Harrison Center for the Arts

Redeemer supports the Harrison Center for the Arts which seeks to be a catalyst for renewal in the city of Indianapolis by fostering awareness, appreciation, and community for arts and culture. Harrison Center tenants include 36 local artists (studio space), ArtMix, and Herron High School (gym space).

Visit their web site www.harrisoncenter.org for upcoming art shows and events.